The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania

                   President’s Message

It is an honor and pleasure to be part of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania.  Our theme for the next two years is “Watch Us BLOOM” and the President’s Project is

“Watching Our Youth BLOOM”.
We currently have 108 garden clubs and 5 affiliates within GCFP with approximately 4700 members.  In the last twenty years, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you.  Your talents and creativity have helped GCFP reach our goals along with the goals of National Garden Club, Inc.  I am looking forward to meeting many more of you in the coming years of my term.
In spending so much of our time in quarantine, we have planted and rooted deeply in our own gardens and communities.  Now is the time to recharge and BLOOM.

  •                  BLOOM with New Ideas:  Be a cultivar
  •                  BLOOM in Membership:  Invite a friend
  •                  BLOOM in Friendship:  Network and have fun
  •                  BLOOM in Knowledge:  Attend a school

As GCFP gardeners, we must also protect Pennsylvania and our landscapes.  One of the best ways would be to attend a school offered by GCFP through National Garden Club, Inc.  By attending a Landscape Design School, a Gardening School, an Environmental School, or a Flower Show School, you can BLOOM in knowledge for GCFP, your Club and your Community.
NGC’s theme of Plant America is kicking off its fifth year, so let us support their goals by Planting America and “Watch Us BLOOM”!
Yours in Gardening,
Sheila Croushore
GCFP President 2021-2023